• My Fridays are back.  This is b/c I take the boys to a during the school year to Kids Day Out program from 9-12:30pm.  I started doing it a year and a half ago  and  it was actually John’s idea to give me a break…I know right – how lucky am I?!?!  So 3 1/2 hours of whatever I want.  I totally recommend this to every mom, even if it’s just a couple hours a week.

    But this year I am going to make some changes to how use this time.  I want to make my Fridays a time of renewing, re-charging, re-connecting, basically just put “re-” in front of a word and that’s what I want.  I want to make it my restart day.  I want to hold this time precious and sacred because of the impact that it can have on the rest of my week.

    So what I am NOT going to do during this time is household CLEANING, surf the INTERNET and run ERRANDS that pertain to normal household stuff.  I did this last year and and those tasks were time suckers and energy drainers.  I went to pick up the kids feeling drained and resentful that I  “had to” use that time to “get stuff done”.

    Instead, I WILL focus my time doing one or more of the following:  spending TIME WITH FRIENDS, EXERCISING, spending TIME WITH GOD, doing something I enjoy like GARDENING,  UPHOLSTORY, FUN PROJECTS, BLOGGING, being in NATURE, and HELPING someone who could use me.  These are things that are life-giving to me and I hope that that will help me be life-giving to others especially our sweet little boys.

    I think I will need to reassess after every Friday morning to help make sure I am in line with my resolution.  I did ask Marsha to hold me accountable about my Friday mornings. I may also try and post about how I spent my mornings too.

    This morning, I spent time preparing for this retreat this weekend.  I will be late for the retreat and will be missing the first half of this video they are showing – so I got caught up.  This was kinda a “have to” but it was enjoyable.  Then I walked with Penny for about an hour which was beautiful and  being with her is always so encouraging.  And finally, I’m writing this post…now I have to get the munchkins.

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    • Rachael Peters says:

      What a nice idea! Re-day…this sounds like something that we all should do once a week.

    • I do the exact same thing! Friday mornings, my three kiddos are in preschool at the same time, from 9-1. And it is sacred. I won’t even schedule time with friends. It is all, one hundred percent me time. To read, pray, think, write, ponder. I always want more, but I’m thankful to have at least that. It is fabulous. I’ll be thinking of you next friday!

    • [...] Over the years, I’ve realized I need to protect this time and make sure I don’t run around crazy trying to get things done.  Instead, I want it to be life-giving and use it to recharge spiritually, mentally and physically.  You can check out my prior post about my restart day here. [...]

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