• Refining Possibilities Making the Best Use of Your Time – Small Notebook:    You know when you read something and it puts words to how you have been feeling, that was this post for me.  I feel completely overwhelmed when I have a stretch of time that nothing is planned.  I question how to spend my time and if I am spending my time wisely.  It makes sense, what she is saying about, as a mom, being used to “a series of five minute tasks and interruptions”, when I’m not functioning like this I don’t know what to do with myself.  It’s so weird.

    Project 52: Bucket List - I love.love.love. the idea of Project 52!!!!  John and I are pretty good about having a date night once a month…usually on the 14th which is our anniversary date.  And we always say we should do something intentional once a week, but you can imagine how that goes.  I love the direct guidelines she sets up for Project 52, that there’s a Mr.Linky so I can get ideas from other people and that the dates involve staying at home and not having to find a sitter.  Such a good idea!

    Simple Mom: How to Create a Paperless Kitchen- This something I really want to do.  I didn’t grow up with paper towels but it’s amazing how they have become a staple in our kitchen.  I don’t want to get rid of them all together, but I would love to cut the use of them drastically.  I love how Tsh spelled out what her “system” was for going paperless, it takes the thought out of it for me.  Oh and how I love systems.

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